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The Life of John Lennon


The Life of John Lennon
We all wanted to change the world

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Biography, Music



London's Street Performers


We all wanted to change the world
By John Wyse Jackson

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John Lennon (1940-80). His career after the break-up of the Beatles was much influenced by his marriage to Yoko Ono in 1969. The couple became familiar figures in the international protest movement. Give Peace a Chance was recorded during a 'bed-in' which they staged in a Montreal hotel in 1969. Of Lennon's solo work during the 1970s, the most successful Album was the 1971 Imagine (particularly its title song); it contained a veiled attack on Paul McCartney in How Do You Sleep? On 8 December 1980 John Lennon was shot by a mentally disturbed fan, Mark Chapman, as he and Yoko were entering their New York apartment block. Two books published in his twenties (John Lennon in his Own Write 1964, A Spaniard in the Works 1965) reveal his surrealist talent as a writer - evident also in the lyrics of the Beatles. This biography, published to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his death, focuses on his Irish roots and how this influenced his music, philosophy and attitude to life and politics.

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John Wyse Jackson was born, raised and educated in Ireland. He came to London in 1980 to join the team at John Sandoe's bookshop off the Kings Road in Chelsea. In his spare time he wrote and collaborated on various books, including James Joyce's Dubliners: An Annotated Edition, The Rare Oscar Wilde, Flann O'Brien At War and John Stanislaus Joyce: The Voluminous Life and Genius Of James Joyce's Father.