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LRB: The Purpose of Judicial Review
Was the case against Sir Edgar Speyer without legal basis?

TLS calls for recognition for Sir Edgar Speyer at this year's Proms
Mark Bostridge reviews the 'compelling story' of Sir Edgar Speyer

Antony Lentin on BBC Radio London

Jeffrey Lewis interviewed by Kirkus Reviews
Lewis speaks about the inspiration behind his 'succinct gem of literary fiction' THE INQUISITOR'S DIARY

Makers of the Modern World


Makers of the Modern World
The peace conferences of 1919-23 and their aftermath

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History, Makers of the Modern World



Woodrow Wilson: United States

The 20 British Prime Ministers of the 20th Century

The peace conferences of 1919-23 and their aftermath
By Various

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Welcome to the Makers of the Modern World, a groundbreaking series of innovative biographies telling the personal stories of the men who tried to create the peace to end all war.

This comprehensive new series offers an unparalleled, panoramic view of the Paris Peace Conference at a critical turning point in modern history, exposing the full extent of the legacy which continues to influence the global politics of the 21st century. 

Get a 30% discount when you subscribe to the series! Please note that not all books are available yet and that after the subscription payment has been made books will be dispatched when they are published. The entire series will be published by November 2010. For further details please contact


TLS 13.01.2012 Review

The Spectator 21.11.09

“These are the first four volumes to appear of an ambitious publishing venture which will eventually comprise some 32 biographies of the leading participants in the Paris Peace Conference, one for each of the nations engaged. The conception is magnificent.”

“the best are outstanding. Lloyd George, by Alan Sharp, is shrewd, incisive and learned, a masterpiece of analytical narrative by a notable authority on the international relations of the period”

“These books form part of a series called Makers of the Modem World. Publishers' titles of this kind are often little more than puffing. But this series earns its puff. '
In victory, magnanimity' was the motto of Churchill's history of the second world war. These books are a sombre confirmation of its wisdom, and required reading for any one who wants to understand how the world has got where it has.”

'A beautifully produced Series '

'The Allied 'big three' lead the first six titles...All three capture and convey the essential tragedies of their subjects'

'Two titles, both by Jonathan Clements, give a wealth of much needed detail...'

The Literary Review

It is greatly to be welcomed that the small but very active press Haus Publishing has embarked on Makers of the Modern World, an ambitious series of small biographies of the men present at the negotiating table'

‘It is v to have a series of biographies that focus attention on the human factor of great historical events....’

'A useful resource for investigating the individual dimensions in global events.'

Philip Blom, 13 February 2009

Times Literary Supplement

Publication Itinerary

28 June 2009

90th anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles with German Empire

Friedrich Ebert: Germany by Harry Harmer

24 July 2009

86th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne with Turkey

From the Sultan to Atat?rk: Turkey by Andrew Mango

10 Sept 2009

90th anniversary of the Treaty St Germain with Austria

Karl Renner: Austria by Jamie Bulloch

24 Nov 2009

80th anniversary of Clemenceau’s death

Georges Clemenceau: France by David Robin Watson

27 Nov 2009

90th anniversary of the Treaty of Neuilly with Bulgaria

Aleksand?r Stamboliiski: Bulgaria by R J Crampton

07 Dec 2009

90th anniversary of Paderewski’s resignation

Ignacy Paderewski: Poland by Anita Prazmowska

10 Dec 2009

90th anniversary of Wilson being awarded Nobel Prize

Woodrow Wilson: USA by Brian Morton

03 Jan 2010

91st anniversary of the Feisal-Weizman Agreement

Chaim Weizmann: The Dream of Zion by Tom Fraser

The Hashemites: The Dream of Arabia by Robert McNamara

16 Jan 2010

90th anniversary League of Nations holding its first meeting; Paul Hymans becomes first President; General Smuts, in1918, wrote The League of Nations: A Practical Suggestion

Paul Hymans: Belgium by Sally Marks

The League of Nations by Ruth Henig

General Smuts: South Africa by Tony Lentin

Feb 2010

Maharaja of Bikaner: India  by Hugh Purcell

Apr 2010

91st anniversary of Orlando walking out of Paris over his inability to acquire Fiume

Nikola Pasic, Ante Trumbic: Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes  by Dejan Djokic

Vittorio Orlando: Italy by Spencer di Scala

Apr 2010

91st anniversary of Pessoa’s election to be president while in Paris

Epitacio Pessoa: Brazil by Michael Streeter

25 Apr 2010

95th anniversary of Anzac Day

W.F.Massey: New Zealand by James Watson

William Hughes: Australia by Carl Bridge 

27 May 2010

105th anniversary of the Battle of Tsushima, Russo-Japanese War

Prince Saijoni: Japan by Jonathan Clements

Wellington Koo: China by Jonathan Clements

4 Jun 2010

90th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon with Hungary

 Karolyi & Bethlen: Hungary by Bryan Cartledge

Ion Bratianu: Romania by Keith Hitchins

Edvard Benes/Thomas Masaryk: Czechoslovakia by Peter Neville

Jul 2010

90th anniversary of Sir Robert Borden’s resignation

Sir Robert Borden: Canada by Martin Thornton

10 Aug 2010

90th anniversary of the Treaty of S?vres with Ottoman Empire

Eleftherios Venizelos: Greece by Andrew Dalby

Sep 2010

South and Central Americas by Michael Streeter

5 Oct 2010

100th anniversary of the Republic

Afonso Costa: Portugal by Filipe Ribeiro de Meneses

5 Nov 10

Anniversary of the Allied Evacution

Piip, Meierovics & Voldemaras: The Baltics by Charlotte Alston

Nov 2010

South East Asia by Andrew Dalby

11 Nov 2010

Anniversary of the Ceasefire of the First World War

Consequences of Peace by Alan Sharp (series editor wraps up the series)

Lloyd George: Great Britain by Alan Sharp