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An event at Daunt Books with Emma Crewe, author of Commons and Lords

—Emma Crewe

Wednesday 29th April at 7pm
Daunt Books Chelsea, 158-164 Fulham Road, London SW10 9PR

After five years of waiting, Daunt Books invites you to Fulham Road to celebrate the General Election, and to ask, is there any positive view of modern British politics that we can take to give us hope amongst the rampant cynicism?

Daunt Books Fulham Road welcomes anthropologist and researcher at SOAS Emma Crewe to offer just such a positive view. For her new book Commons and Lords: An Anthropology of Parliament, Emma conducted five years of research into both House of Commons and the House of Lords, finding rigorous legislative scrutiny, MPs more passionate in representing their constituency than ever and peers of all parties working together to improve and amend Bills passed by the Lower House. But is that enough to inspire a disenchanted electorate? Take the night off from Messrs Cameron, Miliband and Clegg to join us for an altogether more inspiring insight into what makes our modern Parliament tick.

Tickets for each event are £5 and include a glass of wine and 20% off the speaker’s books on the night, and can be bought from Daunt Books Chelsea at Fulham Road or with credit or debit card by telephone on 020 7373 4997.