Amidst the veiled discords of the Holy Office, Inquisitor Fray Alonso’s diary reveals a world where politics and sanctity are intertwined, as he seeks to win the promotion that will fulfill his aspirations of both stature and piety.
However, outmaneuvered by his rivals, Alonso is forced to leave the city, and starts a journey accompanied only by a mute prisoner. This prisoner forges a mysterious connection with Alonso, speaking with something greater than words and forcing Alonso to question his faith and values. Turbulent and evocative, the novel poses the question: if God does not provide any epistemological answers, in what can we place our faith?

Jeffrey Lewis has won a string of awards for his novels including the Independent Publishers’ Gold Medal for Literary Fiction. Lewis is the author of Adam the King, Meritocracy: A Love Story, Conference of the Birds, Theme Song for an Old Show and Berlin Cantata.

Publication Date: October 2014
RRP: £16.99
140 pp
HB (also available in PB)
ISBN: 9781908323316
eISBN: 9781908323323


‘Told, arrestingly, in journal form… we follow Alonso’s journey as he is dispatched by the Inquisitor General to the country’s northern frontier to root out ‘heresy, apostasy, backsliding’… This sombre work seeks to uncover those subterranean impulses that surge beneath Alonso’s faith.’
Literary Review

‘An admirably convincing period piece…Lewis has created a fascinating figure in Fray Alonso…evocative and challenging.’
Publishers Weekly

‘Jeffrey Lewis’ The Inquisitor’s Diary is a succinct gem of literary fiction.’
Kirkus Reviews