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by Stephen Füssel, translated by Peter Lewis


Biography, History
Publication Date: October 2019
RRP: £9.99
140 pp

The first biography of Gutenberg written in English that is both rigorous and accessible to a general audience

Named ‘Man of the Millennium’ in 1999, Johannes Gutenberg was the creator of one of the most influential and revolutionary inventions in Europe’s history: a printing press with mechanical movable type. This invention sparked the printing revolution and represents one of the central contributions to the development of modernity. Yet despite Gutenberg’s significance in shaping the world we know, a rigorous and accessible biography has not yet been published in English, until now. Written by one of Europe’s leading experts on Gutenberg, this short life brings together rigorous scholarship and historical detail in a highly readable text that conveys everything readers need to know about the man who changed printing, and the world, forever.

Author Bio

Stephan Füssel is the Gutenberg Chair at the University of Mainz and member of the board of the International Gutenberg Society. Peter Lewis is the translator of such works as Roger Willemsen’s The Ends of the Earth and Jonas Lüscher’s Barbarian Spring.