by Ivan Gibbons

For most of its existence, the Irish border rarely impinged on the consciousness of most British people. Until, that is, the outbreak of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Now, twenty years on from the landmark Good Friday Agreement, the question of the Irish border could scupper a final agreement on Britain’s exit from the European Union — and threatens to derail Britain’s relationship not only with Ireland but with the entirety of Europe. This book examines how the border’s existence has soured relations between Ireland and Britain since its creation, and has led to the emergence of extremist republican military campaigns to eradicate the border both in the 1950s and in the more recent Troubles. Drawing the Line shows why the future of the Irish border after Brexit is of a crucial importance, and why British indifference, and ignorance, of the border’s wider impact must not continue.

Ivan Gibbons was director of Irish Studies at St Mary’s University. He has written extensively on Irish politics and history, and was the founding editor of the journal Irish Studies in Britain.

October 2018 | PB | £7.99 | 90 pp | 9781912208296