A Traveller’s Wine Guide to Spain

Harold Heckle / Original text by Desmond Begg

‘Offers invaluable information… clear, colourful maps, driving times from major cities, descriptions of the regions and their wines, short and lengthy itineraries and times and places for local wine festivals.’ 
The New York Times

‘astonishing amount of practical advice’
Decanter Magazine 


Spain has more land under vine than any other country in Europe, and over the past thirty years has transformed its wine industry into one of the greatest in the world. Using a unique combination of native and imported grape varieties, Spain now produces a wide range of quality wines. Yet its wine regions and villages, many of which are located in unspoiled and remote areas, remain relatively unknown. The authors introduce the wine-loving traveller to these regions providing a background to their wines and leading bodegas, or wineries, and giving ample recommendations on where to stay and eat in and around each region. In other words, everything you need to know when touring Spain’s beautiful wine country.

HAROLD HECKLE is a journalist, author, and leading expert on the wine and spirits of Spain. He works as a correspondent with an international press agency and contributes a wine column to the Spanish daily newspaper El Mundo. A long-term admirer of Spanish culture and an inveterate traveller, he is based in Madrid and has visited virtually all Spain’s wine regions, both on the mainland and in the Balearics and Canary Islands.

DESMOND BEGG is a leading expert on the wines and spirits of Spain and Latin America. He studied Spanish and Modern History at the Universities of Oxford and Granada and has contributed to numerous international wine magazines.

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