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More articles, books, exhibitions, films, and novels have been dedicated to Caravaggio and his art than to all of his contemporaries combined. Beyond his penchant for unidealised representations of life, Caravaggio’s work addressed a number of issues that are as compelling today as they were in the early 17th century. Among these are the preoccupation with violence, the allure of ambivalent sexual identity, the expression of doubt in matters of faith and salvation, and the immersion of the artist in his own imaginative creations. The intensity and drama of his chiaroscuro style are matched only by his life; Caravaggio’s contemporaries labelled him an outlaw, heretic, murderer, and sensualist.

PATRICK HUNT is a classical archaeologist and teacher of Humanities at Stanford University, California. He is the author of Rembrandt: His Life in Art, Ten Discoveries that Rewrote History, and Puer Natus Est: The Art of Christmas.

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