by Kai Strittmatter / translated by Stefan Tobler

‘… this is a delightfully witty and insightful guide to today’s China.’
The Guardian

‘A humorous and insightful study of life in China.’

The focus of the world’s attention is increasingly turning to China, so it’s time that we got to know a little more about the Chinese and their vast, beautiful country. Did you know they don’t eat soup, but drink it? That their surnames come before their first names? That they good sense is to be found not in their heads but in their hearts? Or that white is their colour of mourning?

KAI STRITTMATTER lived and worked in Beijing for ten years and this amusing, affectionate and often perceptive book is a fascinating guide to a lively, sociable and friendly people, and their complex and often contradictory society. The new material in this updated edition takes a critical look at the challenges posed by this global superpower.

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