Sebastian Haffner / Introduction by Peter Hennessy

‘[Haffner was] one of the great historians and journalists of the last century.
Andrew Roberts, Sunday Telegraph

‘One of the most brilliant things of any length written about Churchill.’
The Times Literary Supplement

Winston Churchill, prime minister and leader of the the wartime alliance against Nazi Germany, is a towering figure. When he died, writes Sebastian Haffner, ‘it seemed as if not a mere mortal was buried, but English history itself.’ Haffner, an ‘enemy alien’ whose own writing influenced Churchill’s policy towards Germany and the Nazis, places Churchill the warrior, the poet and the adventurer alongside Churchill the statesman.

SEBASTIAN HAFFNER  emigrated to London from Berlin in the 1930s and was a vocal critic of the Nazi regime, writing influential articles in The Observer. After the war, he became Germany’s preeminent political commentator. His many books include Germany: Jekyll and Hyde and The Meaning of Hitler, and the posthumous publication Defying Hitler: A Memoir.


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