From Cape Wrath to Finisterre

Björn Larsson / translated by Tom Geddes

‘He has written an unusual book which must stimulate any reader to consider who they experience the world.
The Spectator

From Cape Wrath to Finisterre is a travelogue and an homage to Celtic lands and waters, from their northern to their south-western landfalls, Cape Wrath, in the far north of Scotland, points towards the Arctic Circle. Finisterre, Galicia’s northern tip, was so named for being ‘the End of the Earth.’

Larsson’s contemplative musings on life as seen from the cockpit and deck of his yacht enliven this journey from Denmark around Scotland, through the Irish Sea and onwards to Brittany and Spain.

Along the way, Larsson talks to sailors and adventurers, fishermen and seafarers, who were waiting for the next  tide to lead port. Their yarns, woven together in Larsson’s head, form the backdrop to his novel The Celtic Ring.

BJÖRN LARSSON was born in Sweden in 1953. His novels include Long John Silver and The Celtic Ring.

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