Good Old Drawing

John Holder & Philip Hodgkinson / Foreword by Nicholas Serota

‘A collection full of joy’ 
The Times


Good Old Drawing: G.O.D is a celebration of drawing that brings together the work of a hundred well-known artists and illustrators to showcase the extraordinary range and diversity of drawing. The drawings represented are a testament to the power, scope and diversity of the art form.

On their odyssey to discover why drawing is a daily necessity for so many, John Holder and Philip Hodgkinson compiled an extraordinary breadth of artistic talent but also unearthed a deep-seated belief in its fundamental importance as the cornerstone of art.

G.O.D is a part of a trust established to encourage drawing through the sponsorship of a prize, bursaries to support students on field trips and the supply of art materials to art colleges abroad.

 JOHN HOLDER was born in Suffolk in 1941. He studied at Cambridge School of Art and has worked as an art director, designer, artist and illustrator for books, newspapers, magazines, packaging and advertising in the UK, Europe and the USA. He has exhibited in Cambridge, London, Dubrovnik, Philadelphia and Brittany. An Honorary Doctor of Arts from Anglia Ruskin University, he is also a teacher, veteran cyclist and co-founder of the band which introduced bluegrass music to England in the 1950s.

PHILIP HODGKINSON is a businessman who over the last 30 years, along with his brother, has been building the award-winnng property solutions company, Simons. A passionate amateur draughtsman, he is a firm believer in  the importance of creativity in all aspects of life and is delighted to see that his four children share this belief. The idea for Good Old Drawing was born over a bottle of wine with John Holder at this house in Cambridge. It is John’s friendship and mentorship as a draughtsman that ensures Philip finds the balance between deadlines and lifelines.

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