Homer’s Mediterranean

Wolfgang Geisthövel / Translated by Anthea Bell

‘Haus has launched its hardback Literary Travellers. If Homer’s Mediterranean is anything to go by, this is a series to collect’
Sunday Times


Geisthöevel aims at discovering which countryside or rather the stories about it might have served as an inspiration for Homer. He gives a detailed and lively description of the individual steps of the Odyssey, starting in troy and finishing in Ithaca. That way he includes the countries of Turkey, Tunisia, Malta, Italy and of course Greece.

WOLFGANG GEISTHÖVEL is best known for his book on Indonesia written in 1986 that describes Southeast Asia, his encounters with the Indonesian people, and their history. He is also the author of books on Hölderlin Swabia (1996 ) and the author of several books on medicine. In addition to his own writing, Geisthövel has compiled collections of literary travel writing, from Laurence Sterne to Christopher Ransmayr, Cees Nooteboom and Wolfgang Büscher .

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