In the Future of Yesterday

Rüdiger Görner

In the Future of Yesterday offers a refreshing approach to the life and work of Austrian writer Stefan Zweig and delves into his considerable  contribution to world literature, rooted in the Austro-Jewish tradition. A world traveller from the outset, he liked to uproot himself – but whether he stayed in London, New York, or eventually Brazil, his literary baggage continued to contain the flair of fin de siècle Vienna.

This biography re-examines Zweig’s influential time in England and offers new insights into his final years in the United States and Brazil; it discusses some of his prolific literary output in relation to his life; and takes his political views on Europe, Zionism, and the world order in greater depth than previous appraisals of Zweig’s life. Most importantly though, In the Future of Yesterday presents Zweig as a towering figure of a form of writing that was bursting with ‘life’ and was written in the knowledge that there can only be a future if we remain conscious of the past.

Rüdiger Görner was professor of German with comparative literature at Queen Mary University of London. The founding director of the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations, his books include biographies of Rainer Maria Rilke, Georg Trakl and Oskar Kokoschka.

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