Lion and Lamb

Mihir Bose

Britain is forever wrestling with its contradictory faces: the conquering lion and the innocent lamb. These personas have coexisted and clashed through centuries of benevolent progress and imperial brutality, and they are fundamental to both the genesis and execution of Brexit.

Over the course of Mihir Bose’s life, Britain has been a place of both success and rejection, racism and acceptance, danger and salvation – sometimes all in the same day. With the perspective of an immigrant, Bose examines whether Britain is successful in attempting to bleat over the sound of its own roar, and whether any part of the British public can truly accept the lion sitting down with the lamb.

MIHIR BOSE is an award-winning journalist and author who has written for the Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times, and was the BBC’s first sports editor. He has authored 30 books including From Midnight to Glorious Morning?: India Since Independence and Silver: The Spy Who Fooled the Nazis. Bose received an honorary doctorate from Loughborough University for his outstanding contribution to journalism and the promotion of equality.

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