London’s Street Performers

Athol Rheeder

‘London in the 21st century is a Mecca for street performers. Inspired by the likes of Cartier-Bresson and Erwitt, Rheeder sets out to capture the creative work of the entertainer and the audience they entice. The images are appealing, full of character, talent and excitement. Clowns and mime artists, musicians and jugglers captured mid-act, wooing their onlookers by their natural talent and enthusiasm.
Black and White Photography Magazine


A collection of photographic images of London’s iconic street performers gathered and distilled over several years. Together this collection shows a constantly inventive display of theatrical and acrobatic talent that entertain Londoners and tourists alike.

ATHOL RHEEDER has had his work published in The Sunday Times, Design Week and Campaign among many others. His photographic skills have been honed throughout his professional career, both as a visual creative director for some of the United Kingdom’s most prominent retailers and ultimately as a freelance photographer.

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