Hubert Nowak / Translated by Peter Lewis

‘After reading this book I saw Salzburg with fresh eyes’ 
Benjamin Schmid

‘Those who have never lived in this city will know so much about Salzburg after these entertaining pages that they will feel like insiders’ 
Salzburger Nachrichten

‘A rich confection of fact and quirky detail, Salzburg is a must for any visitor to this remarkable city’
John Gimlette

‘entertaining, informative, thought-provoking book’
Paul Kane Blog

‘rather splendid and altogether endearing book cannot help but entice the reader into wanting to investigate the city of Salzburg further’
David Marx Blog


As the seat of prince-bishops it found wealth and power, as the birthplace of Mozart it found fame, and as a festival city it found its purpose and destiny. But can today’s Salzburg really be described by anything more than music and majestic baroque architecture?

Hubert Nowak sets off in search of the many other faces of this little town with an international standing. His quest sees him absorbing the atmosphere of an old neighbourhood well off the festival’s beaten track one moment, and the next prompting world-class musicians to air their views on Mozart. He delves into Salzburg as a setting for crime novels and as a battleground of town planners, and examines the role love and music continue to play in the city’s life.

HUBERT NOWAK is an Austrian journalist and author. For many years, he covered domestic politics on radio and television and was the presenter of ‘Zeit im Bild’, the most important news programme of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF). Later, he was director of ORF Landesstudio in Salzburg. He is a keen observer of and commentator on the Austrian cultural and political scene.

PETER LEWIS has had careers in university teaching and publishing and now works as a freelance translator and author.

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