Tasting Italy

Alice Vollenweider / translated by Tim Beech

‘Alice Vollenweider’s culinary journey through Italy fuses anecdotes with recipes, a winning combination.’
Times Literary Supplement

‘This book equal parts travelogue, cookbook and literary tome is filled with shrewd and observant prose.’
The Herald


Since Catherine de Medici, accompanied by numerous cooks, travelled to France to marry King Henri I in 1533, Italian cuisine has been considered the mother of European cooking.

In this travelogue, cookbook and literary guide, Alice Vollenweider gives delightful insights into the Italian way of life, of cook and eating; the most sociable part of its culture. All the regions of Italy are introduced by their food, and made even more palatable with many recipes and useful tips for how to enjoy Italy’s people, places and pleasures.

ALICE VOLLENWEIDER has written widely on Italian and French cuisine. Her translations include those of Giacomo Leopardi and Giorgio Manganelli.

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