The Power of Judges

David Neuberger and Peter Riddell / Introduction by Claire Foster-Gilbert

Seen through the eyes of the average person, the Supreme Court is out of reach and incomprehensible, and judges are a remote and detached caste. The Power of Judges defies these misconceptions, distilling the complexity and obscurity of the judicial system into an accessible and lively dialogue.

David Neuberger and Peter Riddell lead the reader through subjects including the courts’ main functions and challenges, the relationships between morality and law, and the links and limits between Parliament and the Judiciary. Touching on controversies such as cuts to legal aid, the question of assisted dying, and the balance between fighting terrorism and protecting personal liberty, these experts shed much-needed light on the enormous and essential contribution made by Britain’s judges.

DAVID NEUBERGER was President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom from 2012 to 2017. He was elected an honorary fellow of the Royal Society in 2017, and is a member of the Council of Reference of Westminster Abbey Institute.

PETER RIDDELL is a journalist and author of many books including In Defence of Politicians (2011). He is the former director of the Institute for Government and is now the Commissioner for Public Appointments.

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CLAIRE FOSTER-GILBERT is the founder director of the Westminster Abbey Institute. A current and former member of numerous ethic committees, Dr Foster-Gilbert has played an instrumental role in the medical research ethics field, and has led efforts to shift the Church’s thinking on environmental issues.

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