The View from the Hill

Christopher Somerville

‘An absolute delight.’
Dorset Magazine

‘Somerville is a superb writer – controversial and wry, but also evocative and informative.’
Perceptive Travel


‘Somerville is a walker’s writer. The countryside has never been more inviting and this is the book to make you reach for your rambling shoes. It’s a profusion of delights!’
Nicholas Crane

‘From the enforced hibernation of the lockdown year, Somerville turns his vision to forty years of wandering. With precision, clarity, depth and curiosity, these recollections lead us down the pathways of a lifetime.’
Nick Hunt, author of Outlandish: Walking Europe’s Unlikely Landscapes

‘It’s a joyous wander right across the British Isles, revelling in the rich landscapes of our isles, and marvelling at the wildlife that lives in it.’
Hiking Historian blog

During the enforced idleness of the Covid-19 pandemic, Christopher Somerville revisited the 450 notebooks whose pages contain the accumulated thoughts and experiences of a career spent exploring Britain on foot over four decades.

The View from the Hill pulls together the cream of this unique crop, following the cycle of the seasons from a freezing January to a Christmas sunrise. In between are hundreds of walks that take in magnificent flora and fauna, ancient traditions and folklore, and geological peculiarities and wonders – all narrated with moving and humorous sensitivity.

There’s no need to move from your chair to go walking in Christopher’s company. Just stir up the fire, fill your glass, and let these spirited tales take you out of here and far away.

CHRISTOPHER SOMERVILLE is the walking correspondent of The Times. He is one of Britain’s most respected and prolific travel writers, with forty-two books, including The Golden Step and Greenwood Dark, hundreds of newspaper articles and many TV and radio appearances to his name. He lives in Bristol. Visit Christopher’s website, here.

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