We Have Buried the Past

`Abd al-karim Ghallab / Translated by Roger Allen

In late-colonial Morocco, a world of seemingly timeless tradition, the patriarch Hajj Muhammad is respected for his adherence to ritual and religion. But upheavel begins to stir in his household with the growing anxieties of the new century.

While his firstborn pores over the Qur’an and takes up the family business, his younger son sets out on a path of secular education, radicalism and defiance that symbolises the fracture between the old ways and the new.

Bridging two worlds, We Have Buried the Past is an epic familial story of loyalty and independence by the outstanding Moroccan novelist of the 20th century.

`ABD AL-KARIM GHALLAB was a Moroccan political journalist and novelist. He was the author of five novels and three collections of short stories. In 2004 he was awarded the Maghreb Culture Prize of Tunis. Ghallab’s novels have been translated into many languages.

ROGER ALLEN is professor emeritus of Arabic language and literature at the University of Pennsylvania.

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