by Jacky Colliss Harvey

Samuel Pepys walked round London for miles. The 2½ miles to Whitehall from his house near the Tower of London was accomplished on an almost daily basis, and so many of his professional conversations took place whilst walking that the streets became for him an alternative to his office.

With Walking Pepys’s London, the reader will come to know life in London from the pavement up and see its streets  from the perspective of this renowned diarist. The city was almost as much a character in Pepys’s life as his family  or friends, and the book draws many parallels between his experience of 17th-century London and the lives of  Londoners today. Colliss Harvey’s new book reconstructs the sensory and emotional experience of the past,  bringing geography, biography and history into one.

Full of fascinating details and written with extraordinary sensitivity, Walking Pepys’s London is an unmissable exploration into the places that made the greatest English diarist of all time.

JACKY COLLISS HARVEY is a writer and editor. She has worked in museum publishing for the past 20 years and is a commentator and reviewer who speaks in both the UK and abroad on the arts and their relation to popular culture. She is the author of the bestseller RED: A History of the Redhead and most recently The Animal’s Companion.

april 2021 | £12.99 | 220 pages | HARDback | 9781913368289