Greenwood Dark

by Christopher Somerville

Christopher Somerville has been walking ,exploring and writing all over the world for almost 30 years, and these poems are the fruits of those long experience. Read individually, they are true traveller observations of people, places, moods and reflections as they strike him. As a collection they take the reader ona vivid, moving and unforgettable adventure through Britain and Ireland, and on across the wider world. The poet sets his work incontext with short prose descriptions of the circumstances in which each poem came to be written.

CHRISTOPHER SOMERVILLE is a writer, journalist, presenter and the author of many books. He is Walking Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph, featuring 15 years of ‘Walk of the Month’. He has devised and presented over 100 ‘Somerville’s Walks’ for Anglia Television. His first collection of poems, Extraordinary Flight, was published by Rockingham Press in 2000. His most recent book, WILD PLACES, was published by Penguin. 

Also by this author, Golden Step.

Find Christopher on Twitter, @somerville_c

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