Breaking Point

Gary Gibbon

‘Haus is to be congratulated for its courage in dusting off the political pamphlet format and publishing a series of essays, short enough to be read in one sitting, in the internet age’
Times Higher Education


Into a year teeming with global volatility, David Cameron introduced another giant unknown, rolling the dice on Britain’s most important economic relationship: its 43-year-old membership of the EU. In European capitals this was seen as an existential threat to the entire European project, while Eurosceptics across the UK saw it as the perfect moment to pull up the drawbridge. The political establishment fired back with a barrage of government data, third-country endorsements and world bodies’ opinions, unsure whether these long-trusted political weapons weren’t firing blanks. Breaking Point explains where post-referendum Britain is heading, how we got here, and what lessons might be learned. It combines analysis of official and off-the- record meetings with senior politicians as well as with ordinary voters.

GARY GIBBON has been Political Editor of Channel 4 News since 2005. He has won two Royal Television Society awards (one jointly with Jon Snow for revealing the Attorney General’s legal opinion on Iraq), and was nominated for a third for his coverage of the 2015 General Election. After his education at John Lyon School, Harrow and at Balliol College, Oxford, he began a career in broadcast journalism.

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