Sailing by Starlight

Alex Capus / Translated by Simon Pare

‘Fluent, charming, but mischievous, the story slips past like a tantalising vision.’
The Independent

‘More evidence that some novels are too good to leave to the imagination comes in the shape of Sailing by Starlight by the Swiss writer Alex Capus.’
Times Literary Supplement

‘An exhilarating, captivating literary adventure that follows treasure maps, pirate lore and other clues in search of the fabled  Treasure Island.
Shelf Awareness


When Stevenson arrived in Samoa in 1889 he planned to stay no more than a few days. Soon afterwards he changed his mind, and spent what little remained of his savings on a plot of land.

Before long, he set about building an opulent villa and lived out the rest of his days on the island in splendour. What had happened? Had Stevenson not only written the world-famous Treasure Island but searched for and found the treasure himself?

ALEX CAPUS is the author of A Matter of Time, Leon & Louise, Almost Like Spring, Life is Good, A Price to Pay, and Skidoo

SIMON PARE is a translator from French and German who lives in Paris.

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