The Power of Journalists

Nick Robinson, Barbara Speed, Charlie Beckett, Gary Gibbon / Introduction by Claire Foster-Gilbert

Journalism has never been under so much pressure. The journalist is an increasingly vital defender of facts in the age of ‘fake news,’ but new technology and information silos are reducing journalism’s perceived value and undermining its traditional business model. All the while, journalists grapple with the age-old challenges of maintaining their freedom and impartiality.

In The Power of Journalists, leading industry figures introduce us to the journalist’s responsibilities and challenges as the teller and protector of truth, interpreter of controversial facts and trusted source of opinion. Drawing from their own fieldwork, the four essayists provide a mindful, rigorous and discerning examination of the predicaments of journalism today.

NICK ROBINSON is the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme.

GARY GIBBON is the political editor of Channel 4 News.

BARBARA SPEED is the opinion editor of the i newspaper.

CHARLIE BECKETT is director of the Polis think-tank at the London School of Economics.

CLAIRE FOSTER-GILBET is the founder director of the Westminster Abbey Institute. A current and former member of numerous ethic committees, Dr Foster-Gilbert has played an instrumental role in the medical research ethics field, and has led efforts to shift the Church’s thinking on environmental issues.

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