Theme Song for an Old Show

Jeffrey Lewis

‘Lewis is a master’
Washington Times

Louie is a second-generation TV. His father left the family to west to work in the early days of television ― now it’s Louie’s turn.

Rising rapidly, he becomes a producer on the beloved cop show Northie. But, as ratings all, will it be cannibalised for one last big tune-in, or will it be allowed to conclude its run in dignity?

Inadvertently, Louie finds himself at the centre of this most archetypal of TV plots. His on-again off-again partner Zacky Kurtz, the one-time “King of Television”, drives the story towards a conclusion that is as good an indictment of culture’s coarsening as American fiction has produced.

JEFFREY LEWIS has won a string of awards for his novels including the Independent Publishers Gold Medal for Literary Fiction. He has also received two Emmy Awards and the Writer’s Guild Award for his work as a television writer and producer.

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