A Short History of Finland

by Jonathan Clements

In the general mind, Finland is often swept up in the group of Nordic countries, little-known and seldom gaining prominence on its own. But as Jonathan Clements shows in A Short History of Finland, it has a long and fascinating history, one that offers oddities and excitements galore: from prehistoric herders to medieval lords, Christian martyrs to Viking kings, and the war heroes who held off the Soviet Union against long odds.

Clements travels the length of the country as he tells these stories, along the way offering accounts of Finland’s public artworks, literary giants, legends, folktales, and famous figures. The result is the perfect introduction to Finland for armchair and actual travellers alike. No strangers to Russian aggression, this fully updated paperback edition includes Finland’s response to the Ukraine war and their ambitions to join NATO.

JONATHAN CLEMENTS is an author and TV presenter specialising in the history and cultures of the Far East. He is the author of many books on East Asian history and wrote a whole biography of the Finnish statesman Gustaf Mannerheim. He lives in Finland.

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