Hemingway in Italy

Richard Owen

‘An exceptionally lively study … Hemingway’s adoration of Italy never waned.’
Tines Literary Supplement

‘For anyone that wants to learn more about this Noble Prize-winning author, this is an informative read. It looks deeper into the life of the writer and goes further than just reiterating that Hemingway loved women and drink. It shows his passion for a country he returned to time and time again and highlights where much of his inspiration comes from. If you were a Hemingway fan planning a trip to Italy this book should be added to your research pile, although it will also mean you will have travel plans extended.’
Travelling Book Junkie


Ernest Hemingway is most often associated with Spain, Cuba and Florida, but Italy was equally important in his life, its landscape and people inspiring much of his most famous work. First visiting in the First World War (the background to A Farewell to Arms), Hemingway returned to the country again and again, spending time in Sicily, Genoa, Rapallo and Cortina in the Italian Alps. Most of all, however, he loved Venice and the Veneto.

In Hemingway in Italy, Richard Owen shows how Italy belongs alongside Spain as a key influence on Hemingway’s writing and why the Italians themselves held Hemingway and his writing close to their hearts.

RICHARD OWEN was The Times correspondent for 15 years. He was previously the paper’s correspondent in Moscow, Brussels and Jerusalem, and also served as Foreign Editor. Owen has written several works of non-fiction, including Crisis in the Kremlin: Soviet Succession and the Rise of Gorbachov, Letter from Moscow, Chaucer’s Italy, DH Lawrence in Italy and Lady Chatterley’s Villa.

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