The Inquisitor’s Diary

Jeffrey Lewis

 ‘Lewis is a master.’ 
Washington Post

 ‘Told, arrestingly, in journal form … we follow Alonso’s journey as he is dispatched by the Inquisitor General to the country’s northern frontier to root out ‘heresy, apostasy, backsliding’… This sombre work seeks to uncover those subterranean impulses that surge beneath Alonso’s faith.’ 
Literary Review

‘An admirably convincing period piece … Lewis has created a fascinating figure in Fray Alonso … evocative and challenging.’ 
Publishers Weekly

‘Jeffrey Lewis’ The Inquisitor’s Diary is a succinct gem of literary fiction.’ 
Kirkus Reviews


In Mexico City, the Holy Office of the Inquisition holds sway over the people. Fray Alonso, its most zealous advocate, awaits promotion and passage to Spain, but outmanoeuvred by his rivals, he is instead sent north through the country, in search of heretics to bring before the tribunal.

What appears at first to be a futile journey becomes a great test of faith, as Alonso forms an unusual connection with his captured heretic. The bond between them forces Alonso to question every element of the faith and doctrine he has held so far.

Alonso’s diary charts his journey, following the priest and his captive as they come across questions of faith, love and morality, and what it is to live – and die – in a state of grace.

JEFFREY LEWIS is the author of Meritocracy: A Love StoryThe Conference of the BirdsTheme Song for an Old ShowAdam the KingBealportBerlin Cantata, The Meritocracy Quartet, and Land of Cockaigne. He has twice won the Independent Publishers Gold Medal for Literary Fiction. He has also won two Emmys and the Writers’ Guild Award for his work as a writer and producer of the critically acclaimed television series Hill Street Blues. Jeffrey Lewis live in Castine, Maine and Los Angeles.

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